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Release 16th of Nov: Nydelig

With his second single release, Cliff once again proves his talent both as an artist and a songwriter. Nydelig (Beautiful) is simply very catchy and groovy pop.

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This band is about to reinvent the Norwegian scene of folk rock. Hjerterå from Tromsø plays melodious and driving rock - in a North-Norwegian language.

Genrewise the band borrows from both jazz and folk music, then mixed with a spoonful of Beach Boys and a drop of raw primal rock à la Iggy Pop. From this wichbrew Hjerterå has created a solid and unique expression. Mainly this comes from the talents and musicality of the band members, with Jonas Langfjord on keys, Johan Aarstein on guitar and vocal, Erlend Bakke on the bass and Roger Jakobsen on the drums.

The uniting force of the genrewise diverse band, is the strong texts. With humour and poetry, Hjerterå manages to express existential agony in Northern-Norwegian. Themes as disgust, love, or just to stay home from work is treated with streetsmart charm, brilliant language, and warm consideration.

Throug 2013 Hjerterå will do an extensive tour in Norway, promoting their first album "Nesten Som Dæ" ("Almost like you"), as well as just appearing for everybody.

Check the music video for Svanesangen here: http://vimeo.com/55024194
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